A Good Life & Partnering with your NASC (Dunedin)

Approximate reading time: 4 minutes

This one-day workshop is focused on two important questions:
(i) What is a good life?
(ii) How can NASC support me?

About this Workshop:
This workshop will provide the opportunity to explore what makes up a good life and what it could look like for you. Local Area Coordinators recognise that having access to disability support that is simple to use and is flexible is a key part of achieving a good life for some people. Gaining access to disability supports means having a relationship with the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service in your area. When people identify what their good life could look like and have an understanding of how the NASC processes work, they are more likely to have better outcomes and achieve their good life.


Register for this event here: https://www.imaginebetter.co.nz/a_good_life_partnering_with_your_nasc_bay_of_plenty_20210622 (external website)



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